Cruz Radical S/T LP
  • Cruz Radical S/T LP


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Now we’re talkin’! Cruz Radical is a band hailing from San Diego, featuring an all-star cast of musicians, with members from bands such as The Night Marchers, Crumbs, and Vena Cava. This album rocks fucking hard! It’s hardcore! It’s rock’n’roll! It’s garage punk! It’s all of that and more! I can’t tell you what any of the songs are about, because they’re all sung in Spanish, but this record rules! It starts fast, loud, and hard and never lets up. Ace tracks in an album full of perfection include “Cruz Radical,” “Suenos De Ayer,” “Vamos,” and “Ya Basta.” It’s like crossing Radioactivity with DFMK. I can’t recommend this highly enough.

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