According to the inter-web, the Hungry Tiger is a massive beast who longs to eat a "fat baby," though he never would because his conscience will not allow him to do so. It is also a garage band from the north side of Portland, Oregon. Hungry Tiger is Amai Hart, Ledena Mattox, Jeff Borkgren, and Billy Kemmer.

Check out the Hungry Tiger BandCamp or FaceBook for more songs.

Hungry Tiger S/T: LP
  • Hungry Tiger S/T: LP

Hungry Tiger S/T: LP


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Remember fun? Remember when west coast punk was more about crafting quality and sincere tunes and less about practicing your “serous stage face” in the mirror? Hungry Tiger harkens back to the classic mid-to-late 90’s Fat/Epitaph bands we all cut our teeth listening to, with none of the roster-filler crap. The songs are catchy and infectious without being bubblegum, well-produced without being overly polished to a mall punk sheen, and have an enjoyable energy while still maintaining a sense of earnest introspection. This’ll take you back to bands like Millincolin and The Bouncing Souls, while all the while adding another page to the book. Available on blue vinyl

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